Greetings from the Murlin family! We love and miss you all so much, but when God gives the signal to go, you just have to go!

These past couple months have absolutely been the most trying time of our Christian walks. God, in His beautiful sovereignty and foreknowledge, chose to reveal only the very next step in our paths throughout this process. From knowing that we are called to New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Klamath Falls Oregon, but not having an actual home to move to only weeks before our departure date to actually arriving to a house whose floor was sinking into the basement where black mold festered, God has revealed only the next step. God has used situations like these to grow us and to stretch us. He has caused us to rely only on Him, and in that sweet place of absolute surrendered abandon, we know without a doubt that we are in His will.

God seemed to use that house as somewhat of a resting spot while he prepared another house that would fit our family well. Our new landlord is an upright man who attends our church, and we could not be more grateful. God has Amy working as a preschool teacher at New Horizon Christian School, and Shane is getting acquainted with the people and the different ministries all while doing whatever needs done at the church (that’s Christianese for “clean toilets” 🙂). Alexander, Levi, Ezra, and Tirzah are making friends here but they do miss their precious friends from the Barn.

The most recent development would have it that we will be taking over the children’s ministry! Please be praying for the Lord to give us wisdom in that undertaking. We view it as a very big responsibility, as God is very passionate about the little ones.

We love you guys so much, and we thank God for the life-long relationships we made with you all at the Barn.

-Shane Murlin

Church Location & Address:
New Horizon Christian Fellowship
909 Homedale Rd.
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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