Mission: Glasgow, Kentucky

My wife Jenneil and I were married July of 1984 in Carmel California (our home town) and spent the first two years of marriage in the Monterey Peninsula. I had grown up in a Christian home, attending a Presbyterian Church in Carmel. Throughout junior high and senior high I wandered from the Lord and it wasn’t until Jenneil and I had been married for 5 years in 1988 at the age of 27 that I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We both gave our lives to the Lord that year through a home fellowship we attended at Calvary Chapel of Escondido. We enjoyed 10 years of involvement there as I served on the worship team and Jenneil was involved with the women’s ministry. After relocating to Temecula, we found Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship in 1997 and immediately called it home.

The 9 years that we spent at CCBF were very important years for our entire family. All three of our children continue to this day to have a deep commitment to their heavenly Father. Jason, his wife Kristen and their 1 year old son Joseph are living in Charlotte, NC. Chelsea, her husband Andy Brownfield and their two children, Matthew (3) and Evelyn (1) are living next door to us here in Glasgow. Rachel finished high school last year and is working as an office manager for a Chiropractor here in Glasgow. As for Jenneil and I, during our time at CCBF we grew with leaps and bounds in our relationship with God through Pastor Clark’s leadership and persistence to simply teach the Word. After spending a few years serving on the worship team we became involved with the youth group serving under Pastor Ken Veasey and enjoyed 5 years of coming along side the Junior and Senior high ministries.

In September of 2003 I was out of a job for the first time in my married life. It was amazing that I didn’t really have a concern for my professional career as I received the news. God gave me a peace that He was going to provide. That same evening that I was laid off, Pastor Clark (who had received the news) called me at home and told me that the Lord had been placing Jenneil and I on his and Sally’s hearts for the last couple of weeks and they had been praying that God would simply reveal what it was that they were to do. When they found out I had been laid off, they said, “Praise the Lord! John is supposed to come on staff.” So God provided for my family once again. He is so good! I was able to do what I had been praying for, to be in full time ministry.

During my time on staff I was blessed with a one year internship (MIT), a pastor’s familiarization tour to Israel, and opportunities to learn through practical ministry experience. About six months after my internship had ended, Pastor Clark informed me that he saw God’s calling on my life and that it should be affirmed through an ordination. Of course I was honored and accepted. I was ordained in October 2004. After my ordination I had many opportunities to minister to the body through hospital calls, counseling, discipleship and teaching a home fellowship. I was also privileged to assist our Missions Pastor David Hinchey with two missions trips. The first, assisting the leading of a team to our orphanage in the Philippines. The second to visit our national missionaries in Montana and North Dakota. During my time in the Americas God impressed upon my heart a strong desire for His people in America.


As I returned and began to pray if the Lord would have us to go out and start a new work, it was continually confirmed through circumstances. So, we planned a trip to the area God had been showing us, the Southeast. On our first trip out, we had an amazing thing happen. God provided a job and a house in one of the communities that we had been praying about during our 4 days there. Well, the rest is history. We have been serving in Glasgow Kentucky for 9 years now. Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship of Glasgow was born in 2006 meeting in our home for a few years and then moving into the community to our first building in 2009 which we out grew and then moved into the building we are currently meeting in. The Lord has continued to confirm our making this our long term home as we have been able to raise all the funds to purchase the building in the next few months, Lord Willing! We are continually blessed by the people and the opportunities we are given to simply teach the Word of God and go into the community with the good news. Please continue to pray for the people of the South that are so locked into religiosity. It has well been well said of this part of the country known as the Bible Belt, “It has a lot of buckle and not enough bible”. We continue to meet families that are searching for a deeper commitment to the Lord, which has been our prayer since arriving in the South.

Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship of Glasgow, Kentucky

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