I was born on August 29, 1983 at Himamaylan, Negros Occidental. I grow up in a Christian family with four brothers and four sisters. I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as early as I can’t remember but the Lord touch my heart to minister with Children when Simbahan sa Bukid started on 2008. I became a Children’s Ministry Leader for 5 years. I was ordained as a pastor on February 2102 and became a Senior Pastor on March of 2013.

Church History Simbahan sa Bukid started last November 9, 2008 at the barn, literally at the barn with chicken, ducks and goats inside the building not to mention the piggery beside it. The church started with almost 30 people from the Bukid. We use the barn for almost 5 years and finally decided to move at a new building.

The church begins with no Children’s Ministry, but that didn’t take long. After a month we begin with Children’s Ministry. The Philippines is one of the countries with a lot of children’s because there is no limit on how many kids in one family just like some countries. With that there are some Sunday’s at the church that the there are more kids than the adults. So we end up making Children’s ministry building but not just one but two building just for them. And three years after we also begin the youth ministry and also building a building for them.

Simbahan sa Bukid transfer at a new and permanent building on October of 2013. Uniquely the building has concrete post but bamboo and nipa grass roof, and there is no wall, it is design that way because of the desire to reach out the people from the Bukid. We want to be as Bukid as much as we can. Because the church grows in the Lord, from 30 people from the beginning we have almost 200 people every Sunday.

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