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Fifties Plus

This ministry allows mature saints a time to come together for fellowship, worship, the study of Scripture, and prayer. We also organize outings, visitations, outreaches, opportunities for service, and discipleship.

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Updated September 26, 2014

Class Information – Bible Study is held every Friday at 2 pm in the Overflow Room. See calendar below for additional events on Fridays and Special Outings.

The Purpose

God has provided a very diverse group of saints here at the Fellowship ranging from the very young to the most elder. The 50’s Plus Ministry is dedicated to encouraging our mature saints to seek God in Spirit and truth; to participate in the local body as the Spirit gives direction; and to be an example of mature, godly, men or women to the younger members of our body.

Currently studying in the Book of Revelation

Calendar of Events for September – October 2014

    • Oct 03 @ 12:00pm Movie and Sack Lunch – 2:00pm Bible Study
    • Oct 10 @ 2:00pm Bible Study
    • Oct 14 @ 9:30am Julian Trip + Sack Lunch
    • Oct 17 @ 2:00pm Bible Study


Planned Outings for 2014

Date Event
January 14 Local Movie – “Saving Mr.banks” + Lunch
February 18 Mystery Dinner @ CCBF
March 11 Local Movie – “Son Of God” + Lunch
April 17 Temecula Playhouse – “Tom Sawyer” + Dinner
July 11 Night of Fellowship – Strom Baseball Game
August 19 Midway Aircraft Carrier + Lunch
September 9 Beach Party + Lunch
October 14 Julian Trip + Lunch
November 18 Thanksgiving Tea + Potluck
December 9 Dinner + Mission Inn Festival of Lights
December 31 New Year’s Eve Party

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